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Urgent Alert for Businesses: Avoid Penalties, Stay Compliant with New Corporate Transparency Act

Appraisers’ Business Licensing Lawyers Montana

Appraisers’ Business Licensing Lawyers Montana Appraisers’ Business Licensing Lawyers Montana

The real estate market is booming across the United States. Almost as soon as a for-sale sign goes up in front of a property, it is quickly replaced with a “sale pending” sign. One of the most important part of any real estate transaction is the property appraiser. In Montana, individuals who perform property appraisals must be licensed by the state. In order to obtain that license, the applicant must be a stringent list of requirements and must follow the rules and regulations set forth by the Montana Board of Real Estate Appraisers in order to keep their license in good standing. Unfortunately, situations come up where the appraiser’s license may be in jeopardy. In these cases, one of the appraisers business licensing lawyers in Montana from our firm can help.

The Role of the Appraiser in a Real Estate Transaction

Sellers depend on an appraiser to make sure the price they are asking is actually a fair price for the property. Buyers depend on the appraiser to provide an impartial evaluation of the property so they can be assured that they are making a good investment for their future. The mortgage lender depends on the appraiser for the basis of the loan to the buyer.

The Montana appraisers business licensing lawyers at our firm know that a good appraiser must have certain qualifications in order to do their job properly:

  •       They must have a clear and detailed understanding of the real estate market in the area they work in.
  •       They must be able to communicate with all parties involved in a real estate transaction effectively.
  •       They must have sound and sharp analytical skills.

 Many appraisers spend years building up these skills, building up their reputations, and building up their business. Having a situation come up that could mean the loss of their professional license can be devastating.

Threat of Your Professional License

If you are an appraiser who is facing disciplinary action and you are worried about losing your business license, seek out help from our appraisers’ business licensing lawyers in Montana from Silverman Law Office, PLLC. We understand that you have worked hard to get your business license and if that is being called into question, working with an attorney may be your best solution. There are many reasons someone in your position may have their appraisers business license called into question:

  • Substance abuse. If an appraiser was under the influence of drugs or alcohol while making an appraisal, someone may say that the appraisal could not have been done correctly or with the right judgment. 
  • There was a conflict of interest. If the appraiser accepted some sort of payment, monetary or otherwise, so that they would report a certain number on their appraisal value, this is considered a conflict of interest. Another example would be if the appraiser knows the person they are appraising for. 
  • Discrimination occurred. If the appraiser made a certain evaluation that was not based on the property but was based on other factors, like the property owner’s age, sex, race, religion, or sexual preference, then they discriminated against the property owner. 
  • There was incorrect information. If the appraiser deceived the property owner into thinking certain factors would elevate or decrease the property amount to benefit or hurt someone else, this would be considered fraud. 
  • The appraiser did a drive-by. If the appraiser gave a completely wrong appraisal value to a property because they only checked on the property from the outside and never went inside, their methods may be called into question.

There are many ways that an appraiser may have their license called into question. If you have been accused of any of the following, speaking with Montana appraisers’ business license lawyers can help you. 

Is it possible to have these allegations withdrawn? 

Just because your license is called into question and you are facing potentially losing it does not mean that this is the end. In fact, you may have the best opportunity at keeping your license if you fight against these allegations with the help of an attorney.

What if someone is questioning an appraisal? 

Especially if you gave a low value to a property, the property owners may come back and say that the property should be valued higher. Prepare to have evidence to back up your appraisal, whether there was serious water damage, the home was in a school district that is not great, or the houses used for comps were not the right ones. 

If you need help fighting for you appraisers’ business license, call our appraisers’ business licensing lawyers in Montana today.

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No matter how good you are in your profession and how hard you work, there are sometimes unfortunate situations that come up that could quickly destroy your personal and professional future if they are not addressed immediately. If you have been notified that your appraiser’s license is in jeopardy, you need legal representation from someone who will not only aggressively advocate for you, but who understands the complexities of this area of law. 

At Silverman Law Office, PLLC, we have a team of lawyers who are experienced and knowledgable in the area of professional license defense law, including appraiser’s license. Call our office today to schedule a free and confidential consultation with one of our dedicated Montana appraisers’ business licensing lawyers and find out what your legal options are for saving your license and your professional career. 


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