Urgent Alert for Businesses: Avoid Penalties, Stay Compliant with New Corporate Transparency Act
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Urgent Alert for Businesses: Avoid Penalties, Stay Compliant with New Corporate Transparency Act

Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Legal Services for Montana Marijuana Businesses

The Montana medical cannabis industry began in 2004. Since its inception, the attorneys at Silverman Law Office have helped ensure Montana medical marijuana businesses meet the statutory and regulatory standards for state and local licensing.

Whether you are interested in starting a dispensary or you are needing guidance with the business or tax aspects of the medical marijuana business that you currently run, it is important to work with a team of attorneys who have an in-depth knowledge in your field.

Medical and Recreational Marijuana Business Licensing

The team at Silverman Law Office remains at the forefront of the ever-changing licensing requirements. We are here to assist at the state and local levels of regulation, assisting entrepreneurs, and existing business owners in new and renewal license applications.

On behalf of your business, Silverman Law Office can guide you through all state and local licensing application processes, including:

  • Change of Controlling Beneficial Ownership
  • Selling or Acquiring a Medical and Recreational Marijuana Business;
  • New Marijuana Business Applications and Tax
  • Marijuana Business Renewal Applications
  • Controlling Beneficial Owner Finding of
    Suitability Applications; and
  • Change of Location and Change of Premises
    Applications, among many others.

Silverman Law Office attorneys have years of experience representing all types of licensed marijuana businesses. We are committed to making sure our services are available to the hundreds of entrepreneurs who are attempting to navigate this complicated regulatory field. We are dedicated to helping your business comply with local and state regulations in the complex regulatory world of Montana medical marijuana.

As part of license application and renewal work, our team assists clients with local and state licensing hearings, when applicable. If a client is denied a license, our team will handle your license denial hearing and administrative proceedings, if necessary. Our goal is to find you the most efficient way through the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services’ regulatory process.

Medical and Recreational Business Regulations

Silverman Law Office’s attorneys are well-informed and experienced in administrative and regulatory law. Our attorneys have handled more agency discipline and enforcement cases than any other law firm in Montana. The Silverman Law team stays up to date on all the statutory and rule requirements in Montana. This deep knowledge works to our clients’ advantage. We can efficiently and effectively respond to questions related to compliance and provide well-educated advice on how to proceed with a governmental agency.

Do you have questions about the potential laws related to the sale and distribution of recreational marijuana? Our team has combed through the proposed voter initiative. We have presented several articles and even been the focus of a nationally syndicated podcast regarding the Montana’s recreational marijuana initiative. We will continue to be at the forefront of the marijuana industry, for our clients.

Medical and Recreational Marijuana Business Operations

We also understand that running your medical marijuana business is about more than just knowing the law. We assist our medical marijuana clients with actual business matters. Maybe you have employment law, tax or just business questions? The Silverman Law Office team can help you get over whatever hurdle you are facing in your medical marijuana business. We have a simple saying, our business is no different than your business.

We represent our clients in a professional, diligent, and timely manner, and advocate for our clients in a business-friendly manner.

Schedule a Consultation With Our Medical and Recreational Marijuana Attorney

If you’d like to learn more about our client-centered services as well as advanced legal and tax strategies, contact Silverman Law Office, PLLC today. We can schedule a consultation with an attorney in either our Bozeman or Helena offices. Additionally, we understand the constraints that Covid has placed on all of our businesses, so we are more than happy to meet via any number of virtual ways, to see how we can be a great fit to your business.


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