Urgent Alert for Businesses: Avoid Penalties, Stay Compliant with New Corporate Transparency Act
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Urgent Alert for Businesses: Avoid Penalties, Stay Compliant with New Corporate Transparency Act

Virtual In-House Counsel

Has your business faced any of the following challenges?

  • Trouble getting your lawyer on the phone when you need them.
  • Uncontrolled legal costs.
  • Inability to budget legal costs.
  • Employment issues that you can’t resolve yourself.
  • Disjointed guidance from your professional advisors.
  • Competitors copying your business names or marks or stealing your valued employees.
  • Overwhelmed by contract and vendor management.
  • Uncertainty about your legal and business plan outlook.
  • The high cost of hiring an in-house counsel.

If so, then your business is the perfect candidate for Silverman Law Office’s Virtual In-House Counsel program!

The Virtual In-House Counsel service offers business clients a subscription to access legal services “on-demand,” without the necessity of booking an appointment, bringing the attorney “up to speed,” or paying an hourly rate for a routine legal matter. With Virtual In-House Counsel, you no longer need to:

  • Coordinate between lawyers, financial advisors, lenders, and insurers.
    • We will handle coordination and ensure that your professional advisors are working in concert to accomplish your business objectives.
  • Hold up a business deal until you can get on an attorney’s calendar.
    • We don’t want to slow-down or hamper business – this service offers a team of attorneys to jump in at any time and help to get deals done.
  • Account for huge and unexpected legal fees that fluctuate throughout the year.
    • Our fixed fee program allows companies to budget for legal services with certainty.
  • Spend time and money to bring outside counsel up to speed.
    • We will take the time to learn your business, your internal processes, policies, and regulatory framework so that we can effectively handle your day-to-day legal needs and tackle larger transactions or engagements.
  • Educate on business objectives, risk tolerance, and appetite for change.
    • In working closely with owners, officers, and executives, we will have the foundational understanding to deliver pointed legal advice consistent with your business philosophy.

Silverman Law Office’s attorneys (located in Bozeman, Montana and Helena, Montana) understand the complexities of what makes a business successful. The Firm houses seven accomplished business attorneys, licensed in multiple jurisdictions, and poised to satisfy your legal needs and business objectives, regardless if your issue is business, tax, contracts or commercial matters. We are unified in our passion to fuel every client’s business objectives and ultimate success. As attorneys with an intimate understanding of business, we can offer immediate and tailored legal advice, document review, and negotiation tips and strategies. We understand the regulatory environment and can be proactive instead of reactive to shifts in the regulatory paradigm. The Virtual In-House Counsel provides peace of mind that deadlines, litigation, and contract timelines and obligations do not fall through the cracks. We excel at project management and understand a business’ needs in a dynamic legal environment.

Silverman Law Office offers a number of different subscription packages to meet the particular needs of your business.

Tier 1 (Bronze)

Silverman Law Office’s attorneys will provide a business health assessment, up to 6 hours of attorney time on general business matters, including employment issues, contracts, and review of online properties. The Silverman Law Office attorney will also act to coordinate with your other professional advisors to ensure a streamlined and consistent business plan and legal strategy. You will be entitled to meet with the attorney monthly to check on strategy, priorities, and pending projects.

Tier 2 (Silver)

Silverman Law Office’s attorneys will provide a business health assessment, up to 12 hours of attorney time per month on general business matters and will offer a deeper dive into particular areas as needed, such as tax issues, intellectual property, insurance coverages, and regulatory compliance. Attorneys will engage in monthly strategy meetings to ensure your business stays on target with its objectives.

Tier 3 (Gold)

Silverman Law Office Attorneys will provide a business health assessment, up to 20 hours per month of attorney time on general business matters and is available to negotiate contracts or other business engagements on the client’s behalf. Included with this package is comprehensive management of all contracts on a go-forward basis, long range business planning, business succession planning, and assistance with development of your intellectual property portfolio. Clients at this level will also get an added bonus.

Elite (Platinum)

This highest tier is as close as you can get to having an in-house attorney without the hassle or cost of bringing someone onto your payroll. Silverman Law Office Attorneys will provide a business health assessment, up to 40 hours per month of attorney time, conduct weekly meetings on strategy and projects, liaise with all your advisors and outside counsel and ensure a seamless and consistent legal and business strategy. Clients who choose this option can request that the Silverman Law Office attorney work on-site at your business if you so desire. The attorney would be available to all members of the executive team, business managers, and any directors or supervisors authorized by the Client. Silverman Law Office will also handle your annual business filings with the Secretary of State and act as the business registered agent. Clients at this level also get an added bonus.


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