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Probate Litigation Attorney

Probate Litigation Attorney Montana

Probate Litigation Attorney MontanaEach Montana probate litigation attorney at our firm understands how difficult it is when you lose a loved one. The grief and sorrow you are facing can be even more difficult to process when you discover that there are issues with their estate that could interfere with what you know were your loved one’s wishes. In these situations, it may be necessary to file legal action in order to protect the assets of the estate against other family members who dispute your loved one’s wishes or may have had a hand in initiating inappropriate changes to the estate plan. Whatever the situation, you can count on the Silverman Law Office, PLLC for legal assistance.

The Probate Process

Under Montana law, when a person dies, unless all of their assets were placed in a revocable living trust, their estate must be filed and resolved within two years of their death. There are exceptions if the executor of the estate – the person chosen to oversee this process – can show the court why it is necessary to extend probate beyond that two-year deadline. All estates that have wills must go through probate in order for the courts to determine the validity of the will. If the person died without a will or other estate planning tools, the estate also needs to be probated and the court will decide how the assets will be dispersed.

Contesting the Will

As a Montana probate litigation attorney can explain, it is during the probate process that family members or other recognized parties can file objections to the will if they have legally valid arguments to the way the will instructs that dispersion. This is referred to as contesting the will. Some of the most common reasons cited in will contestation actions include:

  • The will was not properly executed – Every state has its own law regarding how wills and trust should be executed. For example, every will needs to include a witness signature. If there are evidentiary indicators that laws were violated, the court could declare the will or trust invalid.
  • Lack of capacity – Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for family members or others to take advantage of individuals who are struggling with mental and cognizant issues, such as an elderly person who is in the early stages of dementia or other health issues. This manipulation can even include changing their current estate plans so the caretaker gets the bulk of the estate. If it can be proven that the decedent lacked the mental capacity to understand the changes they were making, the changes can be declared invalid.
  • Coercion or Duress – This is similar to situations where the decedent lacked mental capacity. The descendant could have been manipulated, pressured, or even blackmailed into changing their will or trust. In some cases, there may have even been the threat of or actual physical violence.
  • Fraud – Another common tactic used by people to illegally inherit the decedent’s estate is to forge their signature on a will or trust documents. If this fraud can be proven, the document will be declared invalid. There could even be criminal charges for the person who committed the fraud.

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If your loved one has passed and you suspect issues with their estate, make sure you have a dedicated Montana probate litigation attorney advocating for you and protecting your best interest. Call Silverman Law Office, PLLC to schedule a confidential consultation and find out what legal options you may have.



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