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Butte Probate Litigation Attorney

Probate Litigation Attorney Butte, MT

When contesting the last will of a loved one, a Butte, MT probate litigation attorney is a valuable person to call. A disagreement over inheritance can be extremely divisive amongst family members and cause significant additional stress to an already volatile and emotional situation. With maintaining peace amongst beneficiaries as a primary goal, Silverman Law Office, PLLC is heavily experienced in family and probate law. 

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Many are left lost following the passing of a family member. The sudden deficit of a parental figurehead can be devastating at any point in life. One who may have been your mentor, your rock, your biggest fan, is suddenly gone. You may feel as though your guide through life is missing. To make matters worse, a will is in play and material possession is dividing family members. 

One’s final will and testament is a valuable document. It details the most important possessions of the deceased and distributes them amongst named beneficiaries. These are typically the spouse, children, or specific close individuals. Distributed possessions are often heirlooms such as jewelry and keepsakes, money, or real estate. When there are multiple family members involved, it is not uncommon for there to be arguments over items. Perhaps one of the named beneficiaries has a significant emotional attachment to something that bequeathed to another. Other times, the amount designated is less than you were entitled to, or you have been completely omitted from the will. 

Additionally, situations such as intestacy are common. This refers to cases where the deceased does not have a will. In this event, apportionment of items can become problematic. Without a will to guide distribution, family members may quarrel over inheritance. While it may sometimes be as simple as making an appeal to a sibling or the executor of the estate for the treasure, an attorney must often become involved. Believing that property ownership should not tear families apart, Silverman Law Office, PLLC strives for simple, conflict-free resolution. 

If you have been excluded from a will or trust, or believe that the executor is improperly managing the estate, consider calling Butte probate litigation attorney. They will assist you in building your case. The attorney will look closely at financial records of the estate and help you to contest the will legally. If the challenge cannot be settled outside of court, they will also represent you to facilitate a settlement.

When To Call A Butte Probate Litigation Attorney

  1. You have been unfairly disinherited or removed from a will or trust
  2. Mutual agreement between inheritors is not possible
  3. The executor of estate is not communicating or is performing unfairly
  4. A beneficiary is being volatile over inheritance and ownership
  5. The deceased did not have a will

We are never prepared to deal with the deaths of our loved ones. The question of who receives what, only compounds the stress of a passing in the family. Envy and arguments tear a household apart. Attempt a peaceful resolution by reaching out to Silverman Law Office, PLLC. Receive what you deserve without hostility and ensure civil, honorable closure.


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