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Hunting & fishing licensing lawyers Montana

Hunting & fishing licensing lawyers Montana

Hunting & fishing licensing lawyers MontanaOver the years, the lawyers at the Silverman Law Office, PLLC, have spoken with many hunters facing fines, citations, and even prison time for breaking hunting laws in Montana. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common disobediences and how to hunt within the law.

“What time can I begin hunting? As soon as I can see clearly?”

In the state of Montana you can legally hunt from 1/2 hour before dawn to 1/2 hour after sunset. Use published dawn and sundown tables to remain within the law– don’t estimate. Game wardens are particularly knowledgeable about these times and you will be arrested if they hear gunshots beyond legal hunting hours.

“What do I need to do with my license and tag? Can I simply leave them at home for safekeeping?”

Never! Your license must be on your person when you are hunting. Do not leave it in the glovebox of your truck and absolutely do not leave them at home. If you ever forget your tag and are cited or arrested you can reach out to the Hunting & Fishing licensing lawyers of Montana by contacting Silverman Law Office, PLLC.

“I’m not going to have the ability to get out this season. Can my pal utilize my tag?”

No! Montana hunting laws restrict you from providing your license or your tag to let another person harvest game for you. That’s 100% prohibited. Don’t do it!

“How do I validate my tag?”

When you collect an animal, you validate the tag on that day. If you gather an animal today, however, obtain it the next day, the recognition date is the day you gathered it.

“Can I hunt on personal land?”

Yes, however you must get permission before you begin hunting. No shooting first and then requesting for authorization.

“I got fined for hunting on personal land however it wasn’t posted. Can I appeal it?”

No. Understanding the ownership of the land you’re hunting on is your obligation. Get yourself a hunting map to reveal public and private lands.

“If I shoot an animal while hunting on public lands but it dies on personal lands, what should I do?”

Much like hunting on personal lands, retrieving an animal from private lands needs approval ahead of time. You can’t just go grab it.

If you have a problem getting consent from the landowner, contact Montana Fish & Wildlife. They want individuals to hunt legally and they desire people to gather animals. They’ll assist you out.

“Can I use a spotlight to hunt during the night?”

No! When hunting in Montana, you can’t use any synthetic light like a spotlight. No synthetic light or infrared scope/sight can be on your rifle.

“I just got a new crossbow. Can I utilize it throughout the archery season?”

According to Montana’s hunting laws, crossbows are “non-archery” weapons due to the fact that you’re not physically drawing them and due to the fact that they have a gun stock. Do not utilize your crossbow during Montana’s archery season.

If you find yourself in trouble with a game warden please reach out to one of our Montana hunting & fishing licensing lawyers at Silverman Law Office, PLLC.


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