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Elder Law Lawyers Kalispell, MT

Aging adults have different legal needs than younger adults. Caregiving and health care costs, especially toward the end of life, retirement, disability concerns, and guardianship questions, are all pressing matters for people in their golden years. Kalispell, MT, elder law lawyers understands these legal issues and how necessary it is for a senior to have an advocate guide them through drafting legal protections and ensuring that their interests are protected.

At Silverman Law Office, PLLC, we are well-equipped to handle the emotional, sensitive, and physical needs of older adults and their families. We know that some situations are challenging, and your decisions are emotional. We take the time to get to know you and your values so we can provide personalized advice and guidance that aligns with your values.

How Can A Kalispell Elder Law Attorney Help Me?

Elder law attorneys focus on your needs and can help with many of the following legal needs of Montana seniors:

  • Retirement, wills and estate planning
  • Planning for a minor or adult with special needs, including guardianship and conservatorship options
  • Drafting durable power of attorney for finances or health care
  • Medicaid and Medicare eligibility, and health care and Medicaid planning
  • Locating long-term care facilities, representing nursing home resident rights, and filing nursing home abuse claims

We also offer advice on financial matters. Preparing for retirement isn’t just about saving money or investing well. There are many considerations to ensure your retirement is comfortable and you don’t have to stress about affording long-term care, medications, or other needs.

An elder law lawyer can also help with:

  • Financial planning
  • Creating a durable financial power of attorney
  • Housing opportunities and planning
  • Income, estate, and gift tax matters
  • Managing assisted living costs

Although you may be tempted to DIY these forms, be wary. Many online forms don’t stand up well in court. An elder law lawyer can ensure that your legal documents comply with state and local laws and suit your financial concerns and obligations.

Protecting You During Your Golden Years

Navigating the confusing and emotional territory of estate planning can be overwhelming. A lawyer can help you think logically and rationally instead of emotionally so that you’re making decisions that benefit your needs and best protect your family. We can help ease the practical and financial burdens you carry and prepare protections in case you or a family member becomes disabled or unable to work.

We know your family is your most valuable asset and are ready to help you protect it.

Do You Need Elder Law Services?

Are you approaching retirement age and realize that you’ve been neglecting your estate planning? Perhaps you’re concerned about the interests of a loved one in a nursing home. Whether you need proactive legal protections for the future or help solving a legal issue now, we’re here for you. A Kalispell elder law attorney from Silverman Law Office, PLLC is ready to listen to your needs and create the right legal documents to protect you. We can represent you in court or pursue action on behalf of an elderly loved one. Call us today for a free consultation to see how we can help.

Preparing For The Future With The Assistance Of Our Elder Law Lawyer

For professional, dedicated assistance with the crucial work of late-life planning, contact our Kalispell, MT elder law lawyers today. Our firm has been serving clients in Montana since 2012, and our team of lawyers have decades of combined experience providing assistance with the various components of late-life planning. We know that these discussions can be difficult, and many people would rather not think of a time when they are unable to make important decisions or after they pass, but creating a comprehensive estate plan is an important part of protecting your future and the future of your family. 

Establishing a plan and making these decisions now can save you and your family from difficulty and stress in the future. To discuss how our elder law lawyers can help you, contact Silverman Law Office, PLLC today to schedule a consultation.

Important Components Of A Comprehensive Estate Plan

Our Kalispell elder law attorneys are equipped to assist with a variety of different components of your estate plan including wills and trusts, durable powers of attorney, advanced health care directives, medicaid planning, and more. We will help you ensure that all documents related to your estate plan are legally sound and enforceable and that they accurately reflect your wishes.

It is important that all people have a will or trust that is regularly updated to meet their changing needs. Wills and trusts allow you to protect your assets and control their distribution after you pass, ensuring that your wishes are carried out and your family and friends receive the assets that you intend them to receive. Wills and trusts also can contain important information such as appointing guardians and caretakers for minor children and pets, leaving donations to charity, and more. Wills and trusts have very similar functions but differ in key ways. Our experienced elder law lawyers can help you understand if a will or trust is best for your situation.

Other documents such as durable powers of attorney and advanced healthcare directives can help you plan for unfortunate circumstances in which you are no longer able to make important decisions regarding your health, finances, and general care. A durable power of attorney appoints an agent, often a trusted family member or friend, that is authorized to make these important decisions on your behalf when you are no longer able to. 

Advanced healthcare directives outline your wishes for the medical care that you do and do not wish to receive if you are unable to convey these wishes, including the instructions for end-of-life medical care. Having an advanced healthcare directive in place ensures that your wishes are clearly and legally conveyed and saves your family from having to make potentially difficult situations regarding your care. Our Montana elder law lawyers can help you draft a durable power of attorney and advanced healthcare directive so that you can rest assured that your future is secure.

Contact Our Elder Law Lawyer Today

If you are prepared to begin the important process of planning for your future, our elder law lawyer can help you ensure that all necessary measures are taken and that all components of your estate plan are legally sound and enforceable. To learn more about our dedicated service, contact Silverman Law Office, PLLC today.


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