Urgent Alert for Businesses: Avoid Penalties, Stay Compliant with New Corporate Transparency Act
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Urgent Alert for Businesses: Avoid Penalties, Stay Compliant with New Corporate Transparency Act

Marijuana Business Consultation lawyers Montana

Marijuana Business Consultation lawyers Montana

Marijuana Business Consultation lawyers Montana

When you are getting started in the marijuana industry, it can be extremely helpful to work with marijuana business consultation lawyers in Montana from Silverman Law Office, PLLC. As with any business, you want to make sure you are preparing as much as possible when you are getting started; having a legal team backing you can help you ensure you are compliant with state laws and make sure that you have goals and a plan to help get your business up and running. If you want to learn more, you can call our office to have a consultation with one of our marijuana business lawyers today. 

What should you do when you get started? 

The first thing most people would recommend doing is researching as much as you can about the marijuana industry. 

  1. Visit other dispensaries in the area
  2. Reach out to local and national businesses
  3. Learn what happens behind the scenes 

The more you know about the business in your state and around the nation, the better idea you will have regarding what corner of the market you want to get into and how you can do so successfully. Once you begin working with our Montana marijuana business consultation lawyers, they can advise you on best practices in the business and also look over your goals and plan. You may also be wondering if you should form a limited liability partnership or a corporation when starting your business. 

How often can I expect changes to occur in this industry? 

Because of how new legalizing marijuana is, especially to Montana, you can expect local and state regulations to be changing often. It is paramount that you stay aware of the different changes because if you do not, you may find yourself slapped with high fines or facing your business shutting down. Your lawyer will work with you to make sure you face any changes head-on and that you are prepared for the possible roadblocks. While there will be typical business regulations that you would need to know for any startup, there will be rules specific to the marijuana industry and your attorney will have the unique knowledge to help you with this. 

Can you help with compliance issues? 

If you are facing compliance issues for your marijuana business, call the team at Silverman Law Office, PLLC. We can be there to get your issues taken care of. For more information, reach out to our marijuana business consultation lawyers in Montana now. 

Overview of legal Marijuana in Montana

Montana lawmakers agreed on a plan to move ahead with legalization in May 2020 after voters approved Initiative 190 and Constitutional Initiative 118 to legalize cannabis for adults by a considerable margin in November 2020. 

HB 701 establishes January 1, 2022 as the starting date for legal cannabis sales in Montana. Home cultivation will still be allowed, but adults are now limited to two plants (up to four per household). 

With these kinds of changes, having the right marijuana business consultation lawyer from the start makes a difference. Lawyers at Silverman Law Office, PLLC know the compliance and regulation issues your business will face and the nuanced rules surrounding state cannabis laws.

A marijuana business consultation lawyer in Montana can help you create a product, start a dispensary, adjust business plans in progress, or take your established business and team to the next level. 

Some of the services you can expect from you consultation include;

Marijuana business compliance

As a marijuana business owner, you must keep up with several agencies and the standards they set. An experienced attorney can help with this so you can focus on your business.

Marijuana Business Appeals

Non-compliance in the cannabis industry is taken very seriously. Penalties include possible license revocation, fines, and other consequences. With proper legal guidance, you can pursue an appeal and work toward a favorable result.

Marijuana business plans

Building any business is not easy; however, a fully formed and proactive business plan gives you a better chance of realizing your dream.

Finding a business location

One of the biggest hurdles that applicants face is where to locate their cannabis business. A knowledgeable marijuana business lawyer can help by understanding any zoning issues and helping to fully vet a potential space.

Cannabis banking regulations

Another important factor to consider is how to sufficiently fund and manage your cannabis operation. Federal banking laws are complex and sometimes the options are limited. With a skilled business lawyer, you can ensure your affairs are conducted correctly and for your benefit.


The process of competing for a state marijuana business license is complex, and there are many moving pieces above and beyond the actual application.

Montana issues licenses for three broad categories of cannabis businesses: 

  •     providers (cannabis growers/cultivators)
  •     dispensaries
  •     testing labs
  1. Providers: These businesses, also called cultivators or grow operations, grow cannabis plants indoors or outdoors. Marijuana is then sold through a dispensary. Providers are also allowed to create marijuana-infused products in Montana.
  2. Dispensary: This is a retail storefront where patients can purchase marijuana. Typically, dispensaries must follow strict state-mandated protocols for product tracking, security, record-keeping, and hiring. (Each state’s rules are different.)
  3. Testing facility: Consumers and regulators alike demand consistency and quality control in cannabis products, which creates demand for marijuana testing labs. In Montana, cannabis testing labs analyse products for CBD and THC content, pesticides, solvents, water levels, and other contaminants. Montana also allows testing labs to transport cannabis samples. Testing labs must be run by a scientific director with a doctorate in chemical or biological science. 

Ancillary business: If you do not want to grow or sell cannabis in Montana, there are plenty of other ways to be part of the booming cannabis industry. You can create a marijuana app, payment processing service, consulting firm, pest management product, accounting firm, automated plant watering system, security service, packaging labelling service among others.

Get expert help

The cannabis industry is full of opportunity but not without its challenges. With an average of four government approvals, constantly changing regulations, and steep upfront financial requirements, there are plenty of pitfalls to avoid. 

Confused or overwhelmed yet? That’s normal. With such a highly regulated industry, and one with different rules in every state, starting a marijuana company can be very complex. Get help with your venture by contacting Marijuana business Consultation Lawyers Montana  like Silverman law Office, PLLC. They have the experience to create investor-ready documents and advise, so you can not only meet regulations but get your business running smoothly. 


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