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Marijuana Distribution License Lawyers Montana

Marijuana Distribution License Lawyers Montana Marijuana Distribution License Lawyers Montana

When you are hoping to open a business that sells marijuana products, you should reach out to local marijuana distribution license lawyers in Montana. Silverman Law Offices, PLLC can help you with your marijuana distribution license. Because there are so many different laws and regulations surrounding marijuana, you can not only find extremely different rules when you enter into neighboring states, but you may also find different rules in different counties within the same state. When you are concerned about running your business the right way and want to make sure you have everything in place, give our office a call. 

What does it mean when I hear people talking about available licenses? 

When you hear talk about available licenses pertaining to marijuana dispensaries, this is regarding the number of licenses a state can issue. States often limit how many dispensaries there can be in one state and thus, it can be hard to break into the business if you are just getting started. If you are concerned that this may be a problem when you want to start your business, speaking with our Montana marijuana distribution license lawyers can help. 

What is the benefit of buying an existing business? 

Especially when a state has closed the number of licenses they are issuing, you may think you will not have a shot of starting your dream business until they begin re-issuing licenses. This is not necessarily the case, however. It is possible to find a local business that may be willing to sell to you. This can sidestep the need to get a whole new license.

What else do you need to consider when you want to open your business? 

When you want to open a business that sells marijuana products, there are regulations you must abide by. Some of these are: 

  • You may need to think about certain security measures, like an alarm system or video surveillance for your store. 
  • You will also need to find a good location for your business. Remember, marijuana dispensaries don’t mix well with places like schools and playgrounds, so make sure your business is not too close to buildings like this.
  • Depending on state regulations, there may be very strict rules regarding who you can employ. Factors like criminal background checks and training may be a requirement for all employees. 

Want to learn more about getting your marijuana distribution license? Give Silverman Law Offices, PLLC a call to speak with our marijuana distribution license lawyers in Montana.


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