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Urgent Alert for Businesses: Avoid Penalties, Stay Compliant with New Corporate Transparency Act

Montana Attorney Licensing Lawyers

Attorney licensing lawyers in Montana

Attorney licensing lawyers MontanaAre you in search of an attorney licensing lawyer in Montana? It can feel like an overwhelming task to find an attorney who understands the licensing process and disputes, but look no further than the Silverman Law Office. Their knowledgeable and reliable attorneys will work diligently to reach a settlement on any disputes or claims against your legal license. 

What is a bar license?

All lawyers are required to pass the bar examination after completing three years of education from a qualified law school. Once the bar examination is passed the lawyer is then licensed to practice law in the state they are licensed in. This license must be renewed yearly to stay intact and to continue practicing law. Each state administers the exam and monitors the renewal process. 

Renewing your bar license

In the state of Montana it is required to complete 15 credits of continuing education every year in order to renew your license. This is mandatory for all attorneys to remain in good standing and helps Montana lawyers stay abreast of any changes in the laws in order to better serve the public. These credits are earned by a combination of live seminars, conferences, and self study programs. 


A bar license can be disputed for a number of reasons and is investigated by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel. The counsel will investigate and prosecute all complaints against a lawyer that is within the jurisdiction of the court and has the legal right to investigate the following:

  • Matters involving possible misconduct. 
  • Matters involving possible attorney disability. 
  • Prosecution of attorney disciplinary and disability proceedings. 
  • Notifications of overdraft of escrow accounts. 
  • All petitions for reinstatement.

Attorney Misconduct

Attorney misconduct is considered any actions by a licensed attorney that breaches a law or professional conduct code. It may vary depending on the circumstances of the action and the state in which the alleged misconduct occurred. An attorney could face severe disciplinary consequences due to misconduct on top of possible criminal or civil charges related to the misconduct. The consequences could include, but not limited to, the suspension of the attorney’s license or even disbarment. 

Attorney Disability

Attorney disability refers to allegations that a member of the bar is unable to perform their professional duties or responsibilities due to physical or mental disability or substance abuse.  After investigation into the claims the attorney could potentially face disciplinary action deemed appropriate by the Office of Disciplinary Counsel.

Other Attorney Grievances

Lawyers may also face grievances related to financial issues such as client financial loss as a result of attorney misconduct, disputes over attorney fees, or unauthorized practice of law. If a client suffers financial loss at the hands of malpractice the Lawyers’ Fund for Client protection exists to boost public confidence in the integrity of the legal profession and is used to reimburse any financial losses caused by attorney misconduct in the state of Montana. In the state of Montana disputes over attorney fees are encouraged to be resolved informally but in situations where this cannot be achieved the Supreme Court of Montana established Fee Arbitration. This program is in place to help resolve disputes regarding legal fees and costs paid, charged, or claimed for professional services by lawyers. Only lawyers who are licensed to practice law in the state of Montana may do so and any unauthorized practice of law can be prosecuted. 

If you find yourself under investigation by a licensing board it is important to hire an experienced attorney licensing lawyer in Montana immediately. The attorneys at the Silverman Law Office understand professional legal license law and will help defend your license and your reputation. Don’t wait, call us today! 


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