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We’re Moving Soon! Starting April 26th, the Silverman Law Office will be proudly serving the Montana Community from our new offices at: 2620 Colonial Drive, Helena, MT. 59601
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Montana Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Real Estate Litigation Attorney Montana

Law books, gavel, and statue of lady justice sitting on the desk of a Real Estate Litigation Attorney MontanaDisputes over real estate can arise because sellers and buyers do now know how to prevent them in the first place, which is why a Montana real estate litigation attorney may be needed. Knowing the pitfalls to look out for can help prevent a transaction from heading towards litigation. At Silverman Law Office, PLLC, we can help clients handle real estate transactions and disputes. We know that real estate issues can affect the closing of the purchase and cause added stress during what should be an exciting time moving forward. Here are some of the most common causes of real estate problems and how our team can be a useful resource.

Breach of Contract

When sellers and buyers engage in a real estate purchase, it contains conditions and terms to which all parties have to comply. This includes terms like contingencies, closing date, and items that are part of the property purchase. If the seller or buyer fails to abide by these contractual terms, the other party may have reason to seek legal remedy for a breach of contract. Many contracts require that sellers and buyers resolve disputes through arbitration or mediation. If you are dealing with a real estate litigation issue, now is the time to get help from our team.

Breach of Duty or Negligence

Real estate disputes can start with a real estate agent as well, as they have a fiduciary duty to do what is in the best interest of their clients. Real estate agents have contractual responsibilities, they cannot put their own interests or that of a third party in front of their client’s wishes. Agents have to keep sensitive information about their clients confidential, such as their financial details. A real estate agent must disclose anything that would affect their client’s decision or benefit. For example, what if a real estate agent is aware of a problem with a property but fails to inform their client? In that situation, the client has the right to submit a claim against the real estate agent.

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes may arise when property owners or neighbors are uncertain or do agree with the boundary lines. As a Montana real estate litigation attorney explains, this can occur for numerous reasons. For instance, it is possible that the property boundaries had not been properly surveyed or was deemed uncertain due to an earthquake. Or, the residents living on the property line may not match with the legally registered property line. Even under the best of intentions, this can result in real estate litigation to draw the line where each resident’s property ends and meets the other.

When Silverman Law Office, PLLC was founded in 2012, it was our priority to focus on how we can best help our clients. Our team is dedicated to putting the client first in every task we handle and each piece of guidance we offer. If you are interested in meeting with a Montana real estate litigation attorney at our Bozeman or Helena location, you will immediately notice why people turn to us. Please reach out for a consultation when you are ready!


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