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Sharing a Story Through Your Law Firms Marketing

Posted on March 18th, 2021

Sharing a Story Through Your Law Firms Marketing

Your firm’s advertising endeavors are your chance to show potential clients what you bring to the table — and why you are the best decision. You have to ensure your advertising relates to your targeted audience. 

At Silverman Law Office our marketing goals are for potential clients to feel seen and heard in a way they have not by other law firms. Attorney’s aren’t known for their typical marketing skills, but one of their biggest strengths is their ability to share a story. Storytelling is a vital part of marketing that is often overlooked but one of the most effective methods for law firms. 

When a client visits your firm’s website or social media platforms, they’re interested in several pieces of information: whether or not you can help them, what they might have to deal with if they pursue a case, and other issues relevant to their needs. The client is looking for content that speaks to them, that tells their story. By writing social media captions and blogs that focus on a client’s needs and thought processes during any legal matter, you’re creating a voice for your firm that says, “we are here to help YOU survive and thrive.”

For example, if you’re writing a blog about probate FAQs, you might consider beginning with:

“Following the death of a loved one your mind will be moving a mile a minute, and several questions are probably circling through your head. ‘How will I pay for a funeral,’ ‘how will I tell people,’ ‘what will I do with their home,’ and ‘how much will this cost’ are just a few concerns you’re working through while dealing with the immediate aftermath of a loss. Instead of letting these anxieties take over at the moment, reach out to an experienced attorney who practices probate. A probate lawyer at Silverman Law will work on drafting the paperwork while you focus on the ones you love.

When you engage in storytelling through your firm’s content, you’re showing potential clients that you’re different. There are many law firms that practice the same type of law that you do – perhaps even in your geographic area. In such a competitive market, it is important to stand out and set yourself apart. By telling a story that speaks to the needs of a client, rather than focusing on repeated keywords, you will better attract the right clients.



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