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Urgent Alert for Businesses: Avoid Penalties, Stay Compliant with New Corporate Transparency Act


The Value of Customer Service

Posted on May 16th, 2021

I have worked at a law firm for many months now and while I walked into this office a bit naïve to this work dynamic, I soon discovered that this firm sets itself apart from other firms in this state. I did not expect to use the customer service skills that I have gained from previous jobs working at restaurants or in retail in this firm. Our team’s leader emphasized the importance of providing great customer service to our clients as we value the relationship we build with the individuals hiring our firm. We strive to build a reputation that when individuals retain our firm, they are fully confident in our ability to serve them. In order to accomplish this, we had to attain customer service skills that serve to please our clients and ensure a smooth relationship while we work on projects together.

Many people usually associate customer service with restaurants, retail stores, and recreational businesses, however, they may neglect to realize that professional services, such as this law firm, also engage in great customer service skills. Our team leader has put great value in using customer service skills to ensure that our clients feel welcome in our firm as if they were entering a restaurant or retail store. We have created a dynamic or “product” desirable to the customer by spending a great amount of time perfecting our product. While there is always room for improvement, we always put our clients first. 

While working on cases, we assess our client’s needs and goals so we can prioritize our projects and the steps we need to take in order to successfully finish a project with a client. By establishing a relationship of trust, it ultimately creates a better experience for both us and the customer because we are able to assure them that our product will exceed their standards set by our online presence or referral sources. We make ourselves available to clients so that they know we value their business with us. The most important part of any business is the customer and the project they bring to us. 

A client-oriented mindset is key to a business because it creates a cycle of work for the customer. You can create a referral source from a client by constructing an experience for the client that they want to share with their friends and family. We are also able to give them the supplies necessary to pass the good word onto others so they can do the easy part: getting the word out. A happy client is the key to satisfaction when creating a cycle of clients. 

I am very grateful that I work in a firm that actively practices good customer service skills and puts their clients at top priority. I am able to watch first-hand how each client is treated and I learn to appreciate putting the customer first because there is no greater feeling than to finish a project as a team. If you are in need of a law firm that handles complex estate plans, business law, tax issues, regulatory compliance, and more, then consider contacting the Silverman Law Office, PLLC today.


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