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Wills Lawyer Belgrade, MT

Wills Lawyer Belgrade, MT

Wills Lawyer BelgradeIf you are looking for a wills lawyer in Belgrade, Montana, you’ve probably considered how you will pass on your family heirlooms or your favorite or most valuable personal possessions, like rings, paintings, fine China, a grandfather clock, or the kitchen hutch. Questions may arise, like:

  • “Do I have to write in every one of my cherished possessions into my will?”
  • “What if I later change my mind, wouldn’t I have to re-do my will?”
  • “What if later circumstances affect my decision, such as a child’s untimely death or disinheriting an estranged son- or daughter-in-law?”
  • “What if I forget to include an item in my will?”
  • “What if I want to bequeath a valuable item before I pass away?”

Thankfully, there is an easy answer to these questions! It is called the personal property list. The personal property list is like a shopping list, but instead of reminding you what you are going to buy at the store, the personal property list tells your loved one who gets what upon your passing.

The beauty of the personal property list lies in its simplicity. A knowledgeable wills lawyer Belgrade, MT residents rely on, will make sure the personal property list is included in your estate planning documents. The personal property list is simply a separate document that accompanies your will, where you list who gets what household and personal items upon your passing. And because it is a separate document from your will, you won’t have to re-do your will—or worse, write all over your will—if you later change your mind about who gets what. For example, if you change your mind about who gets that special heirloom ring, you can simply indicate so on your personal property list—no need to see an attorney to make changes to your will.

There are a few things to make sure you get right about your personal property list: First, your will should indicate that you have a personal property list. Second, items on your personal property list must be described with enough specificity so as to not cause confusion about what items you are referring to. Third, cash, money accounts, and real property (land, homes, and other buildings) may not be on the personal property list. Fourth, you must sign your personal property list. Fifth, you should keep your personal property list is a safe place where it will be easily discovered upon your passing, presumably in the same spot as the original copy of your will.

Make sure you incorporate the personal property list in your estate planning. If you do, you will save yourself a few estate planning headaches. The experienced wills lawyers here at Silverman Law Office help people all over Gallatin County, including Belgrade, Montana. When you are considering who you want to inherit your personal belongings, trust our many years of knowledge and experience to give you the peace of mind you need. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our wills lawyers!


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